Course curriculum

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    Let's Get Started

    • Download Your Conference Workbook

    • Interact in the Community Channel

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    DAY 1: Growth Mindset Activities and Lessons

    • What to Expect

    • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Teaching the Neuroscience of Learning to Early Elementary-School Students

    • Simple Ways to Help Students Start the Day with a Growth Mindset

    • Fun (and Free) Ways to Add Growth Mindset Activities to Your Busy Schedule

    • Encouraging Problem-Solving and Leadership Skills Through Capstone Projects

  • 3

    DAY 2: Growth Mindset Teaching Techniques

    • What to Expect

    • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Creating a Learner-Driven Environment in the Classroom

    • Ways to Overcome Fixed Mindset Challenges in Your Teaching

    • Using Growth Mindset Techniques to Build Relationships Between Teachers and Students

    • Implementing a Peer-to-Peer Approach to Encourage Teamwork

  • 4

    DAY 3: Growth Mindset Feedback and Assessments

    • What to Expect

    • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Learner-Led Assessments and Parents Teacher Conferences

    • Questions to Ask Students to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Growth Mindset Curriculum

    • Growth Mindset Alternative to Traditional Academic Grades

    • Sharing Growth Mindset-Centered Feedback with Students’ Parents

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