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    Unit 1: Discovering Your Child’s Inner Critic and Analyzing Your Own Reactions

    • What is negative self-talk and what does it mean?

    • Analyzing your own reactions to your child’s negative self-talk

    • Inner Critic Creature activity (explainer video)

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    Unit 2: Responding to Your Child’s Negative Self-Talk (In-the-Moment Strategies)

    • Removing your own feelings temporarily

    • Being aware of your own emotional state

    • Practicing non-judgmental reflective listening

    • Normalizing negative self-talk

    • Helpful talking scripts for specific situations

  • 4

    Unit 3: Changing the Way You Talk in Difficult Situations and Avoiding Damaging Expectations

    • Changing the way you talk to your child in difficult situations

    • Four parts of the inner critic

    • Replacing damaging words with accountability and acceptance

    • Avoiding placing the expectation of 'being good' on your child

    • 4-step formula for responding in difficult situations with real-life examples

    • Dealing with conflict and repairing your relationship

    • Validating the struggles for your child

  • 5

    Unit 4: Building Your Child's Confidence and Cultivating Trusted Relationship (Out-of-the-Moment Strategies)

    • Building a secure relationship with your child by validating "small things"

    • Helping your child develop an internal locus of control

    • Strategies for building your child's resiliency

  • 6


    • Perfectionism Q&A with Maggie Nick

    • Parent of Teens Q&A

    • ADHD/Anxiety/Highly-Sensitive Children Q&A with Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart

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Licensed Professional Counselor

Sidu Arroyo-Boulter

Sidu Arroyo-Boulter is a licensed professional counselor in Texas, specializing in relational issues, anxiety, and parenting. Sidu is passionate about helping parents deepen their connection with their children through emotional understanding and conscious discipline.


Maggie Nick

Maggie Nick is a Therapist, Parenting Expert and founder of Parenting With Perspectacles. She helps parents find their way through the hardest moments of parenting by providing tools to help both their child AND their inner child feel seen and loved.

Pediatric Psychologist

Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart

Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart is a pediatric psychologist, parent coach, and owner of A New Day Pediatric Psychology in San Antonio, TX. She specializes in supporting parents who have kids and teens with behavioral and emotional regulation concerns and those diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety, Dr. Lockhart helps overwhelmed parents get on the same page and better understand their children and teens.

Clinical Psychologist

Rachel Samson

Rachel Samson is a clinical psychologist based in Australia. Rachel has a special interest in the science of parent-child attachment and how secure attachment relationships support children’s healthy development. Rachel is regularly interviewed on national radio, podcasts, and print media.